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The word Geography is derived from two Greek words Geo and Graphic meaning earth and discourse respectively. Thus, the subject geography is the description or discourse of the earth.

Hartshorne has rightly remarked that the study of Geography includes the accurate, orderly and rational description and interpretation of the variable character of the earth surface.

Subject Geography is divided into two branches i.e. Human Geography and Physical Geography which is further sub-divided into various branches viz Social, Economic Geography, Political Geography, Population Geography, Environmental Geography, Climatology Geography, Geomorphology, Oceanography, Meteorology, etc.

All these branches and sub-branches form the stage on which man spends his life. All that which surrounds the man becomes the subject matter of geography in its spatial dimension. Thus the man or Society and geography are inseparable and therefore the study of geography is very essential for the human society.

Since the importance of Geography in a man's life cannot be ignored, a thorough study of the subject is required.

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