English literature, since ages, has fascinated one and all. As an academic discipline, it has held sway for innumerable students the world over. Literature in any language is a part of its cultural heritage. Literary works convey the depth of thought, richness of emotion and insight into the character. Literature takes us beyond the limited experience of our lives. It is emotionally and intellectually stimulating and deepens our understanding of history and society.

            The ambit of English literature today has grown from the literature written within the boundaries of Britain to that of all the nations colonized by British. It encapsulates African, Indian, Australian, Canadian, Caribbean, Latin American literature and literatures of erstwhile colonies of Britain. This variegated discipline of English Literature is a sought after subject among college students. Interesting as it is, many students aim for higher studies in the subject and be a part of the academic fraternity. For all such aspirants, OSN Academy’s material for English literature is the best bargain.

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